Advanced Riding

ADVANCED LESSONS, private or small-group are available year-round for riders wanting to gain greater control over and partnership with an animal as large and complex as a horse. Learn to plan ahead, to intensely focus on the riding, and improve your personal and horse communications skills, balance, co-ordination and muscle development. As a rider gains in experience and skill, so does their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, all the while having fun!

  • Changer leads
  • Trot, canter and jump
  • Follow a course
  • Trail ride
  • Compete at a show


  • An approved helmet with chin-strap Hard-soled, closed-toe shoes or boots with a heel (We have a limited helmet supply)
  • Long non-slippery pants or jeans Dress warmly & wear gloves if weather is cold


Consult PRICING for details