Barn Rules

  • No smoking, alcohol or pets allowed on premises
  • Every rider must wear a helmet with chin strap
  • Closed-toe, hard-soled shoes/boots are required to ride
  • No sandals, flip-flops or sneakers on anyone in barn or around horses
  • Keep all gates closed at all times
  • No climbing or sitting on the gates or fences
  • No running, shouting or rough behavior around the horses
  • Do not hand-feed or pet any animal without permission or unattended
  • Please keep the barn & parking areas free of trash; recycle
  • Parents and visitors are responsible for the safety of their children and themselves.


All medical, financial, social or other sensitive information learned by anyone connected with NoFoTRIP must be held in strictest confidence. Participant’s matters and conflict issues should be discussed immediately between the parties involved or later at a scheduled meeting.

ATTENDANCE. If a participant cannot attend a scheduled lesson without sufficient prior notice, they will be responsible for the cost of the lesson.
ELIGIBILITY. After an initial evaluation and trial lesson made of each new participant, based on his/her physical, behavioral or other limitations and ability to participate meaningfully and safely in the program, NoFoTRIP reserves the right to accept or not accept his/her enrollment in the program.
NoFoTRIP also reserves the right to discontinue an individual’s further participation in the program, if in consideration of NoFoTRIP rules, procedures and/or periodic evaluations, it is deemed that this is in the best interest of the participant.