Basic Riding

BEGINNER or NOVICE LESSONS, private or small-group are available year-round for all ages, children, adults and seniors. Whether you have never ridden before or need a refresher course, anyone, 5 to 75, can learn to ride and our novice lessons will get you off to a solid start with the basics. You will learn:

  • How to be safe and have confidence around horses
  • How to put a saddle on, then lead-line & walk a horse
  • Learn the correct riding position; use the ramp & block to mount
  • Mount, post, ride at the walk, trot & begin to canter; learn to back-up
  • You will get familiar with horse equipment and barn routines,
  • Groom, curry, comb, feed and care for a horse.
  • Visit a tack shop to see proper “English Show Dress”
  • Watch a Veterinarian, and/or Farrier visit the barn

Please call barm management at (631) 943-6501 or (631) 943-6504 for any specific questions.

There are no refunds for missed lessons. Make-up lessons may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


  – An approved helmet with chin-strap

  – Hard-soled, closed-toe shoes or boots with a heel

  – Long non-slippery pants or jeans

  – Dress warmly & wear gloves if weather is cold or wet.

    Note: (We have a limited supply of approved helmets).