Horse Boarding (Semi-Full Board)

SEMI-FULL BOARDING offers a way to lower the cost of boarding your valued horse.

The high cost of land, grain, hay and shavings on the North Fork is reflected in high Full-Board fees.

WITH SEMI-FULL BOARDING, THE HORSE RECEIVES A 10’ x 10’ main barn stall with window.

Stalls are cleaned daily and Interior stall mats Fresh or additional wood shaving daily Grain and hay (your choice) distributed 2 X a day.

Outside tree-shaded turnout Acres of grass pastures to exercise and feed on Fresh well water and electricity

SECURITY- year-round owner-occupied house is 100 feet from the barn.

With SEMI-FULL BOARDING, the horse owner is responsible for providing a month’s supply of his/her choices of grain, hay and shavings, prepaid and delivered into the barn for distribution by our staff during the regular feeding times.

OWNER-RIDER ACTIVITIES Foxrun Farm is a friendly, low-tech barn where owner/riders can ride, exercise and perfect their horsemanship skills in designated pastures and rings and roam the wooded acres on long trail rides, Ride as often and as long as you want.