Horse Boarding

FOXRUN FARM’S MAIN BARN is available year-round for boarding. – CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

This country-style, low-tech, all-wood barn was consciously built to create a calm, unhurried feeling in both horses and riders.

Each matted stall borders a center aisle, each with a window for fresh air and is cleaned and cushioned with fresh wood shavings every day.

The tack room and hay loft provide storage for nearly a winter’s hay. Tree-shaded turnouts provide protection and exercise for each horse.

In our temperate maritime climate, horses and their rider/owners will spend more time outside than in the barn.

Horses feed and exercise on 7 acres of grass pastures, and riders can wander the long trails (reserved for boarders) through woodlands and open fields.

They can also hone their riding skills in the outdoor rings or just sitting back to enjoy our 26 acre horse farm’s sights, sounds and smells!

Please call barm management at (631) 943-6501 or (631) 943-6504 for any specific questions.